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Conviction for domestic violence carries with it penalties that go beyond those that you face in court. A domestic violence conviction can impact your life for years to come, at home, at work or on vacation. I can defend you if you are charged.


Many people do not realize that an angry and heated disagreement in the presence of a child could result in charges of child abuse, a child welfare investigation and lengthy hearings regarding government intervention, custody and supervision of their children.  The consequences in some cases can be devistating.
The federal government has laws which can result in you being charged with a federal felony if you ever own, possess or use a firearm after being convicted of a misdemeanor domestic violence assault. The consequences of a domestic violence conviction are far reaching and can permanantly deprive you of important rights.

Other consequences of a domestic violence charge may affect your ability to obtain a job, hold a professional license, obtain or rent a home, adobpt a foster child, estabilish a residency or improve your immigration status or participate in various family and school activities.  It can even affect whether you get to go home or see your family in some instances.

Prosecutors may oppose or refuse to drop charges if you are arrested and charged in a domestic violence case, even if your spouse or family member asks them to do so. We can protect and defend your rights, I am a strong advocate that understands and can fight for your rights in Court. 

You need competent and informed counsel and we can provide the experience you need.