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We have the knowledge, skill and ability to fight and defend you in federal court. Federal criminal defense is not like that in the state courts. The rules are different, the procedures are different, and the laws are different. In many cases there is no right to bail. There is no parole in the federal system. Most cases are far more complex then those brought in state court. At the same time, the punishments are far more harsh. We have handled hundreds of federal criminal defense cases in my carrier. I have years of experience in fighting for my clients and their rights in federal court.

Federal criminal charges are brought by the United States Attorneys Office through Grand Jury proceedings. When the Grand Jury issues and Indictment, it may be too late to avoid the brunt of the harsh criminal penalties under federal law if you wait. This is particularly true if you are informed you are a "person of interest" or "target" of a Grand Jury investigation. Often, the most important legal work that can be done, must be done before a case is brought to the Grand Jury. We can provide you the guidance and advice that will aid you in surviving such an investigation. It is critical to call me immediately.

Our experience can help you if you are called on by the FBI, ATF, DEA, CID or other investigative agents seeking information about a crime and whether you were involved. You may think they would like you to simply visit with you, but you may in fact be in for an interrogation. Moreover, federal agents attend specialized schooling and have sophisticated techniques for conducting interrogations. We can help you.

We have defended those charged with international money laundering, fraud, tax evasion, aggravated illegal re-entry, explosive charges, drug conspiracy, RICO, internet crimes, copyright offenses and more. If you have been charged, We understand the law and procedures, and can provide you a strategy and plan to meet and defend against the charges.