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Being accused or charged of a sex offense has a devastating impact. If you are the subject of an investigation or charged with an offense involving a sex crime you need legal counsel immediately. Emotions are high and the penalties are stiff. I have represented many clients who have been charged with sex offenses and the need for a full investigation and preparation of a complete defense is critical.

Proper case and trial preparation can make all the difference. I have the knowledge and skills to fight sex offense charges for you.

There are many different sex offenses brought in state and federal court. In many cases it is one persons word against another. Often the cases circumstantial and there is an need to collet information regarding the surrounding events and people that are involved.

I take an in-depth look at the events and gather the vital information that can make a difference.

Proper preparation of information that exonerate the accused is crucial in avoiding prolonged and painful legal proceedings cannot be understated. Sex offense registry is not something you want to be doing for the next ten years, or for life.

We can defend you against these charges and provide you with the advice, counsel and trial work necessry to defend you.


There are many things that can be done to bolster the defense and protect your rights in these cases. The window of opportunity is often limited, but the sound legal work and advice I can provide you can be significant.

We can help you avoid the deadly mistakes that can be made that will harm your case.

DNA, fiber sample analysis, hair analysis and blood serology testing can become critical to properly understanding the facts. I have the background that allows me to understand and evaluate these facts in your defense.
More and more, technology pays a bigger role in determining what the facts are that make up a sex offense case. Computers and the internet are often the key factors, particularly in federal internet related crimes. I know how to evaluate this information and address these cases.

We understand these thenologies and their limitations.