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© ESW 2009, 2012


The United States Attorney for the District of Utah and the State Attorney General have attorneys who focus on the prosecution of white collar crimes.  In recent years the United States Sentencing Commission has dramatically increased the number of years those charged with white collar crimes must spend in custody.

White collar offenses include allegations that arise from local transactions to international deals. Charges may include mortgage fraud, money laundering, illegal wire transfers, SEC violations, insider trading, fraudulent transfers, corporate conspiracy or tax fraud.

Any time someone is under investigation, or merely being questioned, by law enforcement regarding transactions involving financial institutions, investments, market exchanges or money transfers they need the advice of competent legal counsel. The FBI, CID, SEC and other financial arms of the government have agents, with their counterparts at the United States Attorneys Office and Attorney Generals Office, take their jobs very seriously.
The investigations may be initiated by an agency or may be part of a grand jury investigation.  You cannot afford to simply stand by and hope to avoid an indictment. Do not delay in obtaining representation.  I am prepared to provide the necessary representation to protect your rights and interests.