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Assault, Battery and the more serious aggravated offenses, those which involve weapons, are considered crimes of violence. Violent crime convictions, if on your record, not only can be used as grounds to enhance other offenses, but also are viewed very unfavorably by prosecutors if you ever have a problem in the future.

Violent crime convictions, like prior drug distribution offenses, may be used as grounds to claim someone is a carrier offender in many circumstances. The impact may be that what at first seemed like a minor incident can have long lasting and seriously adverse consequences.
Many defendants make the mistake of not calling an attorney immediately when involved in an altercation or confrontation.
Instead of knowing whether it would be a good idea to assert their rights, they provide information that is used against them to convict them. Many times, they do not realize just how serious the accusations or the charges might be. 

Today, you need a lawyer and the kind of legal advice I can provide if you find yourself confronted with, or even concerned about an altercation or confrontation - regardless of whether anything happened - as far as you know. Failure to obtain competent counsel can have dire consequences.  I can help.