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Surrogacy - Gestational Agreement Reviews:

Utah legalized surrogacy when the State Legislature passed Utah's Gestational Agreement statute in 2005. The law authorizes surrogates to enter into written contractual agreements (Gestational Agreements), which, when validated by a court order, creates an enforceable relationship between surrogates and intended parents.

Having friends who struggled with infertility, Mr. Wall decided to work with surrogates when Utah passed the Gestational Agreement Act in 2005.  Since 2005 Mr. Wall has and continues to represent numerous surrogates. Mr. Wall feels it is important to assist surrogates to better understand the legal process and to assure surrogates do not experience substantial legal delays in their journey waiting for a lawyer to review the agreement.  Mr. Wall makes review of Gestational Agreements top priority in his practice, and will meet with surrogates to review Gestational Agreements after hours and on weekends, in addition to his regular office hours.

A Gestational Agreement review conducted by Mr. Wall includes a number of steps. Initially, the Gestational Agreement will be reviewed to confirm compliance with Utah's law and to evaluate contractual consistency. Utah's surrogacy law codifies a number of statutory requirements that must be satisfied by gestational carriers, in addition to requirements for intended parents. Once the legal review is completed, a personal one-on-one conference is held with the surrogate to discuss the Gestational Agreement in detail, the legal process, as well as the surrogate's rights. If the surrogate has a spouse or partner they are included in this process.

After the Gestational Agreement review, Mr. Wall remains available to answer questions that may arise.