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Intellectual Property / Copyright Defense

On an exclusive and limited basis, we provide legal services to inventors, businesses and artists to assist them in protecting their intellectual property rights. Our focus is with respect to the litigation and trial work to protect the rights of inventors, business and artists.

We have represented a number of inventors, businesses and artists, including defending the entity holding the Vatican Library License for christening clothes and assisting some of Utah's best known artists in preventing copyright infringements.

We have had a close relationship with Edward J. Fraughton.  On numerous occasions we have assisted Mr. Fraughton in addressing legal concerns related to some of Mr. Fraughton's largest projects.

Edwin was lead trial counsel in assisting Arnold Friberg in defending "The Prayer at Valley Forge" from a $36,000,000.00 copyright infringement scheme. The case was successfully tried for Mr. Friberg, resulting in an award of damages and full attorney fees.

We have worked with Blair Buswell to prevent copyright infringers from bringing knock-off art into the United States and flooding the market with unauthorized, poorly executed, and worthless reproductions.