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When you are arrested or cited for drunk driving you are actually facing two legal challenges. One is immediately obvious, you are facing serious criminal charges. These charges carry with them heavy penalties including mandatory jail sentences in many cases, stiff mandatary fines, loss of driving privileges, alcohol evaluations, classes, victim impact panels, drastically increased insurance rates and ignition interlock devices to name the most immediate.

These can have lasting impacts on many aspects of your life including your ability to work or keep employment, the cost of living, not to mention exposing you to additional charges for driving under suspension or no insurance, or more significant civil liability in the event of an accident if you fail to abide by the law while your license is suspended.

Another legal challenge that can be overlooked is the administrative suspension of your license. When you receive a DUI citation or are arrested the administrative suspension of your license also starts. You have an extremely short period of time to get the required notices and pleadings in before your license is administratively suspended. Even if you are found not guilty of the crime, you can still be prohibited from driving.

Adding to everything else, a second or subsequent offense within ten years results in an enhancement of the penalties and may include felony charges and prison time. I defend those charged with DUI, reckless driving, driving under suspension, driving without insurance or in violation of the not-a-drop laws.

I will defend you in both the criminal and administrative cases and fight to protect your rights and privileges. I will fight to protect you from the harsh consequences that can be imposed, even with the first offense.