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© ESW 2009, 2012


© ESW 2009, 2012

The United States Government and States Attorneys General has substantially changed their focus to financial offenses, particularly fraud.

The FBI, which was originally intended to investigate fraud and financial crimes, has in recent years been focused on guns and drugs. That shift, way from it's traditional role, is now returning.

With the return to the focus on financial crimes, fraud offenses are now receiving more attention then in the last ten years.

Struggling financial institutions and failed mortgage rates, along with the financial pressures of the economy are resulting in investigations, questioning and the prosecution of many people who have previously not been considered.

Search warrants are being used to obtain financial records, bank records and business records in large numbers. When this happens, businesses are brought to a stand-still.

The government is looking beyond lending and mortgage fraud, and into tax fraud, investment fraud and fraud in financial disclosures.

The SEC and CID of th IRS are becoming more and more active in assisting in these investigations and prosecutions.

These cases involve millions and millions of documents, and require hundreds of man hours to address the charges.

We have handled fraud cases that involved from a few to millions of dollars in transactions as well as comparable numbers of documents. Trial in this matters can take weeks, if not months. I know because I have been there and done it.

If you are being investigated for fraud, are a "person of interest" or a "target" of a grand jury or investigative agency you need to retain counsel and do so immediately. A fraud case can take years to unfold.

The days where the purported "slap on the wrist" was given out are over. Under the new United States Sentencing Guidelines the penalties and time being given to those who are convicted are staggering.

We can defend you against fraud charges and fight for your rights.