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When charged with a gun or explosives offens you need someone who can fight those charges and protect your rights. I have the experience it takes to address cases when not only the FBI, but the ATF become involved.

We have handled many federal gun or firearm cases, including 18 U.S.C. Sec. 922(g) or 924(c) charges. The seems to be an ever growing list of restricted persons, who are prohibited from possessing,owning or using a gun.  The list includes those who have prior felonies, dishonorable military discharges, illegal aliens, drug addicts and even misdemeanor domestic violence convictions. We have the experience to fight these charges.

State charges involving a firearm are equally serious. There are also significant enhancements where the government accuses someone of possessing, brandishing or using a firearm in connection with a criminal offense. The penalties are particularly harsh when a violent crime is part of the alleged offense. We have the skills required to investigate, challenge and defend these charges.

In addition to fighting gun charges, I have handled both state and federal cases involving the use and detonation of explosives. The current environment, with there being heightened concerns in society related to such charges, We can provide the guidance and insight as to how to defend and fight these charges